At Max’s Trust, we aim to INSPIRE the anorectal malformation community by:
  • Improving Awareness – Promotion and sharing of information and news about anorectal malformation.
  • Networking – Providing a platform for all those affected by anorectal malformation to connect with others to share experiences and learn, as well as providing access to a network of professionals and resources, promoting good mental health.
  • Supporting – Encouraging peer-to-peer support throughout the anorectal malformation community and promoting good mental health.
  • Partnerships – Working closely with other UK and international organisations.
  • Information – Being a trusted source of good quality information about anorectal malformation.
  • Research – Promoting and participating in relevant research about anorectal malformation.
  • Events – Holding regular events for the anorectal malformation community, including an annual conference.

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